Reza Pourjafarian

So Far , So Close

In the quiet corridors of memory, amidst the echoes of time, lie the remnants of our past, intertwined with the shadows of abandonment. Abandonment, with its weighty presence, casts a somber hue over the landscape of our history, leaving behind traces of longing and loss.

As we navigate the labyrinth of our memories, we encounter the abandoned relics of our yesterdays: the faded photographs, the forgotten dreams, the once-cherished mementos now gathering dust. Each whisper of the past carries with it a poignant reminder of what once was, stirring emotions both tender and bittersweet.

Yet, amidst the ruins of abandonment, there exists a quiet resilience—a strength born from the ashes of shattered illusions and broken promises. For in confronting the ghosts of our past, we find solace in the knowledge that though time may erode, our memories endure, etched into the fabric of our being.

And so, we tread softly through the corridors of our past, honoring the fragments of our history with reverence and grace. For in embracing the abandoned corners of our existence, we discover the beauty of resilience, the power of forgiveness, and the enduring hope that awaits on the other side of abandonment.